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Cool Celebrity Styles images

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Jose Luis
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Image by Zero Style

Famous Asian Styles of the Famous
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Image by Felix_Nine
Celebrities famous for being well known such as Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Hurley, Reese Witherspoon, & Haley Mills, effecting some Asian styles such as the cheongsam, sari and kimono.

Dec 14 018
celebrity styles
Image by EadaoinFlynn
This was the personal choice of the famous celebrity Germaine Monteil, famous, for those of you who don't know, for starting a cosmetics company. From "Personal Choice, a selection of favourite recipes contributed by leading celebrities". That's celebrities, 1970s style, a time before any horrible volgar snivelling little reality-tv wannabe was considered a celebrity. These people were PROPER celebrities - including Rolf Harris, The Right Reverend Lord Soper, Patrick McNee, and the woman who started Britain's first marriage agency. And Barbara Cartland. Definitely worth the £1.79 I paid for it at the Salvation Army shop.

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