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Nice Celebrity Names photos

A few nice celebrity names images I found:

The Celebrity Persona
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Image by vasta
Anyone in whose daily commute takes them through the BCE Place Galleria in the Financial District has undoubtedly had the opportunity to see the wonderful photo exhibition, The Celebrity Persona, presented by Ryerson University as part of Contact 2007.

Presenting digital reproductions of photos in Ryerson's Black Star Historical Black & White Photography Collection, The Celebrity Persona showcases images of famous icons throughout history that are unmediated and natural. In a society where celebrity is 'constructed' through premeditated photo-ops and unquestioned airbrushing, the exhibit is refreshing in the way it captures celebrities in an unprocessed and genuine manner.

There were two things that resonated with me while experiencing the exhibit: the first, obviously, was the raw nature of the photographs. While all the photos were well-taken and professionally crafted, there was a sense of genuineness and unpretentiousness that permeated from the exhibit. Instead of standard biographical excerpts about each celebrity, the blurbs that accompanied the photos reflected the content of the photo itself and told me a bit about the personality of each of the pictured icons.

The second thing that piqued my interest was how the exhibit dealt with the concept of celebrity itself. Instead of simply putting forward photos of the Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons of the time, the exhibit meshed together scientists, politicians, actors, singers, royalty, inventors, dancers, painters, and authors from various time periods over the past century. Names like Janis Joplin and Erno Rubik sat next to Ernest Hemingway and Jacques Cousteau, making the conception of celebrity one that is fluid and diverse; The Celebrity Persona not only recognizes the difficulty in identifying what exactly makes a famous person, but forces the viewer to consider the question as well.

Next time you're heading for a quick dinner at Richtree Market Restaurant or just passing through the district to visit your bank, be sure to check out the exhibit.

The Celebrity Persona
Allen Lambert Galleria at BCE Place
181 Bay Street, Toronto
April 30 - May 25, 2007
Daily 8AM - 10PM

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