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Argentine ants - formiche argentine

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Argentine ants - formiche argentine
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Image by funadium
Some Argentine ants gathering the honeydew secrections under a lemon leaf.
Size of these ants: 1.6 mm (1/16th inch).
Wikipedia page about the Argentine ant
According to the National Geographic, these ants belong to a supercolony, 6,000 km (3729 miles) long, stretching from Italy to Portugal. Read the National Geographic article.

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Alcune formiche argentine raccolgono la melata sotto una foglia di limone.
Dimensione delle formiche: 1.6 mm.
Secondo il National Geographic, queste formiche appartengono ad una supercolonia lunga 6.000 km che si estende dall'Italia al Portogallo. Leggi l'articolo su National Geographic (in inglese).

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Cucullia verbasci
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Image by Max.Bth
Une chenille (Cucullia verbasci) en train de boire, bord de l'Hers à Toulouse (31).

"La chenille de la Brèche ou Cucullie du Bouillon blanc est, comme son nom l’indique spécifiquement liée à cette plante dont elle se nourrit.
L’imago, c’est à dire l’adulte est un papillon nocturne de couleur brune, dont la beauté est loin de rivaliser avec celle de la chenille."

Source : ici


(En) A caterpillar is drinking (Cucullia verbasci) in Toulouse (31).

The imago is a moth brown, whose beauty is far from competing with that of the caterpillar.

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Image by shankool007
sleeping on the dock of the bay... ALASKA

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