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Baron, Pico and Jamaica Video! 204

A few nice video of animals images I found:

Baron, Pico and Jamaica Video! 204
video of animals
Image by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue
Jamaica, FIV+, was trapped in Denver as a pregnant feral. She is a senior who now looks much younger than what her estimated age was at spay.

Baron, FIV+, is a dedicated, sweet lapcat!. He was found in a trailer park in Commerce City on 4/27/07. He loves to be petted and will try to climb into your lap before you can sit down! Because of the stress of living at the shelter, he has chronic eye inflammation and is on monthly antibiotic eye drop therapy, an oral antibiotic (for a few days), L-Lysine to manage flare-ups, and will need a dental cleaning every year to better care for his gingivitis. All of his extra care is worth it! Baron will be a friend for life, a constant companion, and always there when you need him.

Trapper Gets Gator Out of Pond 3
video of animals
Image by MyFWCmedia
Video shoot to produce a DVD that teaches our trappers how to safely and humanely catch a crocodilian. February 29, 2012.
photo: Tim Donovan/FWC

Tilapia swim while a video plays of the baby giraffes birth
video of animals
Image by jon_a_ross
Our first stop at the zoo on this trip was to the Africian Savannah building. The birds and Giraffes were both very active as the zoo keepers were busy feeding both of them.

A brief trip to the Calgary Zoo (www.calgaryzoo.com).

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