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Cool Animals Names images

Check out these animals names images:

New Stuffed Animal: Koala
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Image by creepyed
I got a koala from Caversham Wildlife Reserve. I need to name it, please help!

Kindness to animals
animals names
Image by National Library of Scotland
A sergeant, wrapped in his greatcoat against the cold, reading a notice nailed to a tree. The notice reads, 'Kindness to animals, 500 horses lamed weekly by nails dropped on roads and horse lines by cookers carrying firewood with nails left in. Please remove nails'. Much of the firewood used at the Front would have been timber salvaged from ruined buildings, so nails would have been a considerable problem.

The army during World War I was very dependant on horses and mules for transport of guns, ammunition and other heavy goods, as well as for the cavalry. They could not afford needless casualties even though, at the rate of 500 lamed per week, this was still less than one percent of the total of over 2,500,000 horses treated in 1914 alone.

[Original reads: No original caption.]


which animal doesn't fit?
animals names
Image by matt.hintsa
Te Deum Parade, Santiago Centro, Santiago, Chile.

A stray dog once again makes itself seen during the Te Deum procession. The horsemen are the Chilean imperial guard of sorts. Anyone know their official name? Following them was the president, Michelle Bachelet.

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