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Cool Animals Photos images

Some cool animals photos images:

Zebra crossing - Zebrastreifen
animals photos
Image by alles-schlumpf
© alles-schlumpf
I have photographed the zebras in the wild in Tsavo, Kenya. It was the first time I saw them outside a zoo. Beautiful animals.
Ich habe die Zebras in Tsavo, Kenia, fotografiert. Es war das erste Mal, dass ich Zebras in freier Wildbahn gesehen habe. Wunderschöne Tiere!

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Max the Brown Tabby Cat with Books 2
animals photos
Image by Free for Commercial Use
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www.foundanimals.org/photos/image/52-max-the-brown-tabby-... ( www.foundanimals.org/photos/image/52-max-the-brown-tabby-... )

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Lab Mouse checkin out the camera
animals photos
Image by Rick Eh?
At my place of work laboratory animals are used to prevent illness and death in humans. There is no alternative.

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