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Cool Animals That Are Extinct images

Check out these animals that are extinct images:

And baby, it was all right
animals that are extinct
Image by Mark Witton
Not much time to write today: been rather busy over the last few weeks with lecturing, talking to the press about Lacusovagus and, somewhere around all this, having my PhD viva. With that over, you can now say goodbye to 'Mr Witton' and welcome in the new, sleekly-contoured 'Dr Witton'. Which is nice.

Anyway, there's no time for wallowing in my own ego: it's time to get on with this whole Christmas thing: Christmas shopping this morning, Christmas lunch with the department this afternoon, festive drinking at the pub this evening. On that note, I should really get on with things. Thanks to all you folks in Internetland who've been so nice and supportive this year and, heck, throughout the three years of my PhD: it's entirely appreciated. Best wishes for Christmas, the New Year and anything else you may get up to in the next few weeks: see you all in 2009.

Cachorro de león / Lion cub
animals that are extinct
Image by NLM - FOTOS
El Zoo Aquarium de Madrid clasifica sus leones como leones del atlas, una subespecie de león que se encuentra extinta en libertad. Un centenar de ejemplares sobreviven en cautividad (unos cuarenta en Europa), aunque se sospecha que la mayoría son en realidad mestizos.

In english
The Zoo Aquarium of Madrid classifies its lions as Atlas Lions (Barbary lion, nubian lion or panthera leo leo) which is a subspecies of lion that has become extinct in the wild.

A hundred of specimens survive in captivity (around forty in european zoos), althought is suspected that most of them are really crossbreed.

animals that are extinct
Image by scherre
Although 26 species of Australian birds are classified as endangered, the spectacular Paradise Parrot is the only mainland species of bird to become extinct since white settlement. Paradise Parrots lived in dry open woodland and nested in terrestrial termite mounds. The processes that caused their extinction operated largely unnoticed.

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