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Cool Endangered Species Of Animals images

Check out these endangered species of animals images:

The Green Sea Turtle
endangered species of animals
Image by rexb
The Green Sea Turtle ("Honu" in Hawaiian) is the most commonly found turtle in the Hawaiian Islands. Although this species is more abundant than the nearly-extinct Hawksbill and easier to locate than the deep-sea dwelling Leatherback, it is still an endangered species. It is against the law to touch, ride or otherwise harass a Green Sea Turtle.

While snorkeling off the southern coast of Maui, I was fortunate enough to find myself in the exact location of a Turtle rising to the surface and who came so close that I had to exert myself to keep from touching the animal. I did, however, manage to snap a few photos while he lingered nearby.

Endangered clubshell mussel (Pleurobema clava)
endangered species of animals
Image by USFWS Endangered Species
Photo by: Craig Stihler/USFWS

Close-up of several of these endangered mussels from Hawkins Creek in West Virginia.

NYC - Bronx - Bronx Zoo: World of Reptiles - Aruba Island Rattlesnake
endangered species of animals
Image by wallyg
The Aruba Island Rattlesnake, or Aruba Rattlesnake, (Crotalus durissus unicolor) is a venomous pitviper subspecies found only on the island of Caribbean island of Aruba, off the coast of Venezuela. They exist only in thornscrub and desert habitats on the southeastern half of the island.

Moderately sized, this species attains an adult length of approximately 90 cm. It is light brown, tan, or almost pink in color, reflecting the soil color of its native habitat, with darker brown diamond shaped markings but colors may vary from white to apricot, or brown to slate. The markings are sometimes nearly invisible, or only visible in a narrow stripe down the middle of the back.

Classified as Critically endangered (CR) by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), it is estimated that less than 230 adult survive in the wild.

The Bronx Zoo, located within the Bronx Park, is the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States, comprising 265 acres of parklands and naturalistic habitats and home to over 4,000 animals. Focused on conservation, it opened on November 8, 1899, with 22 exhibits, 843 animals. The zoo's origins date back to 1895, with the establishment of the New York Zoological Society (NYZS), renamed Wild Conservation Society (WCS) in 1993. Only the outer structure of the World of Reptiles remains much as it was in 1899. With the 1941 opening of African Plains, the Bronx Zoo was one of the first U.S. zoos to move away from cages and exhibit animals in naturalistic habitats.

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