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Cool Extinct Animals images

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White Tail Eagle
extinct animals
Image by Alan Weir
The white-tailed eagle - also known as the sea eagle or white-tailed sea eagle - is a huge bird with broad wings up to 245 cm (over 8 feet) wide. White-tailed eagles became extinct in Britain in the early 1900s and despite a lengthy re-introduction scheme, their numbers in Scotland are still very low. The work to reintroduce the species has been hampered by the theft of eggs. This has led to local initiatives, such as Mull Eagle Watch, to help protect eagle nests.

Heilan' coo 4
extinct animals
Image by byronv2
This was just across from the entrance to Mugdock Country Park not far outside Milgnavie, near Glasgow, you can see most of this great range of hills (mostly formed from long extinct volcanoes) from my parent's house.

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