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Cool Pet Animals images

A few nice pet animals images I found:

Little cute kitten
pet animals
Image by SOS animals
Little baby. Please, donate us through PayPal or directly to our bank account: sos-gyvunai.lt/en/sponsorship/banks.php
At the moment we really need your help because we are building new facilities for sheltering homeless animals. Thank you very much for your support!

Oliver on the Bottom Stair
pet animals
Image by Mr. T in DC
Oliver hanging out on the bottom stair.


Briscoe Playing
pet animals
Image by Sheryl's Boys
He's crazy.

For those of you who may be worried, he wasn't injured. He does this all the time. He jumps up to higher places and back down again on his own.

No animals were injured in the shooting of this photo.

I originally did this for Take a Class with Dave and Dave group. I had a really hard time getting a crisp picture (I'm still learning how to use my dSLR), but Briscoe was more than happy to keep on playing with his feather toy. Actually, I got a ton of really great poses but the exposures didn't turn out. That's the great thing about digital: I got to keep adjusting things until I got closer and closer to what I was going for. I still didn't quite get what I wanted but the due date was coming up. I missed the due date by 1 minute, I think. The time difference is confusing me.

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