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Jungle City Edinburgh 022

Some cool endangered species of animals images:

Jungle City Edinburgh 022
endangered species of animals
Image by byronv2
These are all part of the Jungle City organisation, which is debuting in Edinburgh for a couple of months and will move to various cities around the world. There are statues all decorated by different artists all over the place (there's a map on the site), small versions are available to buy as are the actual full size statues, to raise money for wildlife charities and to raise awarness of some of the magnificent species we're endangering


endangered species of animals
Image by gwoodford
The late Jama is one of the only King Cheetahs anywhere in the world that can be handled. Although Jama is the same species as a normal Cheetah, a recessive gene gives him a specially striking appearance. Instead of the normal spots, he has four stripes down his back. longer fur along these stripes makes this quite a striking appearance.
Lucky visitors were able to have hands on contact with this extremely rare and beautiful animal.

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