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Day 267 - Max

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Day 267 - Max max games
Image by Jessica Keating Photography I woke up at lunch time (woo for not being drunk and therefore not having a hangover!) and lazed about, helping to tidy up a bit too. You'd never guess we even had a party! My grandma called us to let us know that she had arrived home with Zoe (my aunty), Hannah and Max. They live in Jersey and my grandma had spent the week with them in Centre Parcs and they have now come up here for ten days. My other cousin, William (their older brother), and my uncle Andy have travelled back to Jersey so that he doesn't miss any school. Nobody has met the twins except for my grandma and grandad so we went to see them. They are the sweetest! Such little characters. Max is a very bubbly, smiley little boy whereas Hannah takes a little longer to crack. I'll definitely try and get photos of them both together over the next 10 days...be prepared. P.S. Did I mention I am going to Kenya?!?!?! We spoke to dad last night who has agreed to pay a quarter of the trip (i.e. him and Bev pay half of mine, I pay half, mum pays half of Lewis', Lewis pays half) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Exciting stuff, I'm very very excited. I just need to hand in the forms tomorrow to one of the teachers to confirm our places! Jessica Keating © All rights reserved. It is illegal to use this image without my written permission. If you would like to use it then message or email me to agree terms.

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Max max games
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