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Nice Endangered Species Animals photos

Some cool endangered species animals images:

red panda
endangered species animals
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Classified as endangered, red pandas are protected in Nepal and China. There are probably only about 2500 adult red pandas left in the wild.

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Gray-Shanked Douc, Endangered Primate Rescue Center, Cúc Phương National Park
endangered species animals
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CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (IUCN Red List of Threatened Species), with an estimated population of between 550 to 700 individuals. They are hunted for bush meat and for traditional medicine purposes. There bones are used to make a substance called monkey bone balm which is believed to improve hemoglobin regeneration, renal function, lack of appetite, insomnia, and anemia. Gray-shanked doucs are also used in the exotic wild life trade. The adults are killed and the infants are taken and sold as pets. The Vietnam War also played a big part in reducing the population. Soldiers would use the monkeys for target practice. Deforestation and habitat fragmentation are also major threats. Laws are in place to prevent the destruction of their habitat and to prevent hunting but they are not strongly enforced.


The Endangered Primate Rescue Center (EPRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation, breeding, research, and conservation of endangered primates, and to the protection of their habitats.

The overall goal of the EPRC is the establishment of stable populations of highly endangered primate species in captivity as a source for reintroduction programs.

The EPRC is home to about 150 primates in 15 taxa (species and subspecies), - many of which are critically endangered - including six species which are kept only at the EPRC and in no other facility in the world.

All of the animals at the EPRC, except for those bred in captivity, are victims of poaching and the illegal animal trade. Nine primate species have bred at the center and a total of more than 100 infants have been born, some of them being the first ever of their species to be born in captivity.

The primates are kept in more than 50 large enclosures and in two electrically fenced semi-wild areas of primary forest which are 2 ha and 5 ha. These semi-wild enclosures are the first steps towards its ambitious goal of reintroducing the primates to their natural habitat Langurs and gibbons have been released into these areas and have been successfully maintained there for several years. The center employs 20 Vietnamese people as animal keepers.

To support the reintroduction of highly endangered species, the EPRC also works to preserve and protect their natural habitats. They have worked closely with the Management Board of Van Long Nature Reserve, located close by, to successfully prepare the reserve for the successful reintroduction of the Delacour’s langur. Other successful reintroduction programs have taken place or are planned.


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