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Nice Extinct Animals photos

A few nice extinct animals images I found:

extinct animals
Image by twesener
Pig-Footed Bandicoot or schweinsfuß-Nasenbeutler: as the unusual name suggests, this species is an nowadays extinct, strange marsupial. They once lived until 1901 in desert-like habitats in Australia. While searching for food the jumped like kangaroos on two legs, chased by enemies they changed to flight mode using four legs. Unfortunately they seemed not to be able to out run introduced foxes, which led to the extinction of this strange animal. Stuffed specimen photographed at the MNHN in Paris, 2008

Extinct Camel and other animals
extinct animals
Image by ellenm1

extinct animals
Image by Fool-On-The-Hill
Diplovertebrons were some of the first amphibian animals to inhabit the land. see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplovertebron

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