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Nice Names For Animals photos

A few nice names for animals images I found:

Day Three for Paisley
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Image by Bad Apple Photography
I've got a few things to update you on for Miss Paisley. First things first: I am certain we are going to keep her. Everyone has fallen in love with her. Especially since, apparently, she's already been potty trained at just 7 weeks!

Second, I've been thinking about renaming her. She doesn't respond to 'Paisley' just yet, so I thought the name Pirate may suit her. Then we would have a Captain Jack named after Captain Jack Sparrow and a puppy named Pirate. Haha, see what I did there?

Third, on just day three, I do believe she has grown comfortable and her full personality has come out, so here's a few facts I've learned about her over the past few days:
1. She's all for cuddles.
2. She still has milk teeth.
3. When you put her in the crate, she does this barking/howling thing that sounds like a Hyena's laugh.
4. The other three dogs have no idea what to do with her.
5. She is curious about everything, but she gets spooked easily.
6. She has become my official shadow. :}
7. Her eyes are extremely bright and reflect the sky every time I look into them.
8. She can make you fall in love with her instantly.
9. She adores the cat and I do believe she is part cat herself.
and 10. SHE NEEDS A BATH! :D

edinburgh zoo (1)
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Image by whisperwolf
Not sure what the group name for lemur's is, but I think it should be a Lump of Lemurs

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