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Nice Pet Animals photos

Some cool pet animals images:

Meet Happy
pet animals
Image by Shanghai Daddy
My parents' new pet, a 6-weeks old Golden retriever.

Day 13 - Quizzical Cat
pet animals
Image by MissTessmacher
01/13/10 013/365 Yes, another "animal in the office" picture. Those who have followed my stream lately must think I work in a zoo. But it is in fact a real office, where actual work gets done every day. We just happen to be animal lovers.

A former co-worker who rescues feral and stray cats came by with two recent rescues in need of homes. This one, as yet known only as Orange Boy, was very vocal and quite a ham. He almost seemed to be posing for me. I took several photos, and this was my favorite expression.

pet animals
Image by Joz3.69
Pentax K-r - Diciembre 2011
smc PENTAX-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL II

Animals can suffer and feel pain. They need greater protection worldwide. We are seeking this in the form of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) at the United Nations.
- www.animalsmatter.org/en/supporter/new

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