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Nice Pet Animals photos

Some cool pet animals images:

Jimmy's story
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Image by Kerri Lee Smith offline til 4/1
I love seeing Jimmy looking strong and healthy like this. It wasn't at all obvious when he was a kitten that he'd even live, let alone thrive.

Right after my cat Skip died and I was wanting a kitten, the animal control officer brought a mom and her two male kittens to our vet clinic. I had always wanted a ginger cat and there was Mack - ginger, cute, playful, out-going, and healthy. Then there was Jimmy. I had't seen many buff-colored cats and he just looked like a pale imitation of Mack. He not only looked drab to me, but he was sick and therefore listless and not nearly as playful or social. I went back and forth about which kitten to adopt - the healthy, playful, ginger kitten (the one I really wanted), or the sick, homely one that I knew no one else would want. Well, of course I adopted both.

Not only did Jimmy (and eventually Mack) have a horrible case of feline herpes, he also had coccidia, giardia, a urinary track infection, crystals, conjunctivitis, diarrhea and congestion, but the day they came home, Mack also scratched Jimmy's cornea so badly it got ulcerated. During those first few "getting to know you" weeks, Jimmy was on eight different medications, four of which were eye meds that had to be given at least four times a day (for the first few days after the scratch, he had two eye meds that had to be given every hour for 24 hours). There was a point when euthanizing him almost seemed more humane.

As you can see, Jimmy is no longer a pale imitation of anyone.

Best on black.

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Image by The Uprooted Photographer
This is Nic, king of his backyard. We adopted Nic from the pet shelter in June of 2011 and a few months later, he got very sick and spent a week in the animal hospital. At one point the doctors didn't expect him to survive. Well, now at 80 pounds, you can see he is alive and well!

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07/365 Jan 7, 2011
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Image by becca.peterson26
This is my boyfriends dog. It was verryyy hard to get a focused picture of this little guy because he has so much energy! Does anyone have tips to taking animal pictures? They always are running around and I think that it is difficult, especially puppies. I wish this picture was a little better. I expect to much from myself lol. Oh well! Hahaha

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