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A Good Haul of Stuffed Animals
photo of animals
Image by Afroswede
Yep, went trawling and pulled up a whole mess of them.

Amanda is...kind of pathological about bringing stuffed animals home. I don't know what her deal is, but therapy's too expensive right now. Anyhow, they're multiplying and taking over any available spaces. Sort of like tribbles.

Our solution is to put them in a net, and put the net out of reach of the kids. If you come to our house and go to the living room, look up in the corner, and this is what you'll see.

Classy, right?

Live and let die
photo of animals
Image by alles-schlumpf
The red ants catched a centipede, exhausted the centipede, splitted the centipede in three parts and made the transport. For all the ants need 3 minutes or so. Horrible animals but fascinating.

Die roten Ameisen haben einen Tausendfüßler gefangen, ihn ausgesaugt, in 3 Teile gesplittet und abtransportiert. Für all das haben sie 3 Minuten benötigt. Schreckliche, aber faszinierende Tiere.

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