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Nice Photos Of Animals photos

A few nice photos of animals images I found:

Green Bottle Fly
photos of animals
Image by jpctalbot
Macro photo of a Green Bottle fly. Note the ridges and colorful rainbow iridescence on the wings due to thin-film interference. I had not noticed these features before, I suppose its because its so difficult to get this close to a live fly! I suspect the metallic green hue is generated by thin film optics or maybe a natural photonic crystal. The white backdrop was designed to look like those Telus ads with cute squirrel monkeys and other animals.

I used the Canon PowerShot Pro 1 SuperMacro mode to get within 3 centimeters distance. I captured this fly in a transparent container and let him get comfortable in his new home for about one hour. When I released the cover to take the photo, he did not immediately escape because he assumed the cover was still there! The background is fine grain printer paper curved to act as a bounce flash diffuser. Direct light from the flash was blocked with another white sheet folded as to allow secondary reflection to reach the top part of the curved sheet on the table. The fly is still in my room so I may catch him again and try this shot in a lightbox to get a brighter reflection off the metallic green part. I will probably go outside to catch a bigger one to improve the resolution as my camera cannot zoom in any closer (this is a crop from a much larger shot).

No animals were harmed in the taking of these photos.

-Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as most interesting.

photos of animals
Image by Dan Barak
An ibex showing some interest in the camera near the Red Sea.
This photo is challenging
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