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Nice Photos Of Animals photos

Some cool photos of animals images:

Paper Wasp Playing House
photos of animals
Image by John_X
She is setting up camp in the backyard.

Mouthparts are for chewing. Nests are built from wood fiber collected from posts and occasionally from live plant stems, causing some plant damage. This fiber is chewed and formed into a single paper-like comb of hexagonal cells. Nests are oriented downward and are suspended by a single filament. Mature nests contain up to 200 cells.


Harris's Hawk on Airline
photos of animals
Image by qnr
When I ride my 49cc Yamaha Zuma, I generally use Yorktown to travel to and from Flour Bluff, instead of the Oso Bay bridge. One advantage of this is that I travel the quieter (relatively) roads and have a chance to pull over for sights like this. Now, if I could just find some way of getting to Padre Island on it....

Mini Donkey
photos of animals
Image by World of Good
He was a miniature donkey. I was on the ground looking up (obviously).

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