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One Sweet Cow

Some cool photos of animals images:

One Sweet Cow
photos of animals
Image by chefranden
She stood there at the fence for some time allowing many people to pet, pat, rub, and kiss her for a small fee of a handful of grass.

~ OUCH ~
photos of animals
Image by Mohammed Alnaser
I really have no clue what kind of accident happened to this crocodile in his childhood and made his jaw like this, what I know for sure, he was so old and very big.

I am still puzzled also why people threw some coins all over him....donation.....fear.....religious practice? I dunno!

and by the way, my previous post of ~ THE EYE ~ belongs to this creepy crocodile.

Poison Ivy vs. Animal Man (169/365)
photos of animals
Image by JD Hancock
Poison Ivy: Supervillain and champion of Earth's plants.

Animal Man: Superhero and champion of Earth's animals.

If they had to fight, who would win?

#169 in the Duel 365 series.


My wife made this animated-style Animal Man custom action figure. Would you like to see more Cool Things My Wife Made?

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