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Playing with (and in) the Animal Basket

Some cool toy animals images:

Playing with (and in) the Animal Basket
toy animals
Image by Suite 112
Sosie LOVES her stuffed animals.

5. Puppy at his new home
toy animals
Image by Lawria
This is the fifth images in the series dedicated to all the animal charities out there and the good work they do. Please look through them all before you read the story below.

This set was inspired by the 'Tell a story in 5 frames flickr group.' I'm hoping it shows without explanation, but if you're unsure, the story goes as this :

A puppy (I call all dogs puppies just like all cats are kittens) gets hit by a car and lies bleeding in the road. Another car stops and takes the puppy to the local animal charity where his paw gets bandaged and he is kept in confinement. But he is lonely at night. Later he gets moved to one of the normal cages where he wishes for someone to love him. Then someone comes to his cage and picks him. And finally our story comes to happy ending where the puppy now has a home with people who loves him.

win a toy
toy animals
Image by Lynn Kelley Author

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