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Poster. Free photo for your blog or website.

A few nice animals for free images I found:

Poster. Free photo for your blog or website.
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Image by photo-555.com
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Kookoolan Farm Calf
animals for free
Image by AlyssssylA
Last week I visited Kookoolan Farm in Yamhill, OR. They produce raw milk from their three Jersey cows as well as free range eggs and meat chickens. They have partnered with other local farmers to slaughter and market a full range of grassfed, humanely raised meat. They pretty much rock.

One thing I found really interesting was Chrissie's comments on her Jerseys being, em, "agressive mothers" :) As a dog person this makes perfect sense. When we breed a strain of animals to do one thing we get a fair amount of "logical conclusion" behavior. For example, labradors have been bred to retrieve and many labs have weird mouthy/eating/carrying things around behavior. Jack russel terriers were bred to chase rats so we see obsessive chasing and visual stimulation behaviors.

Well, apparently when we breed cows to do nothing but be pregnant or nursing we get some "logical conclusions" behaviors around mothering. Chrissie says one of her cows gave birth and the other two were mothering the one calf so aggressively that she had to buy two more calves from other local farmers. This is one of her teddy bear calves. He is 5 days old and he sucked on my thumb. Soooo cute!!

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