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RAWR! Tagged, Animal Print

A few nice animals games images I found:

RAWR! Tagged, Animal Print
animals games
Image by partymonstrrrr
Tag Game! Take a photo of a doll in Animal Print.

I was tagged by Lil' Miss Vixen!

Candi, my Barbie Basics Model No. 003, Collection 002. Jacket and skirt by Dynamite Girls. Top by re-ment. Gold bracelet by Fashion Royalty. Black bracelet, gold sunglasses, purse, gold chain, and shoes all Barbie Basics.

Stuffed Animals
animals games
Image by Nicholas Erwin
A very popular scene at fairs, stuffed animals, millions of them. I don't think I ever remember winning any stuff animals at the little fair games which are almost always staged for you to lose 95 percent of the time. I don't give them my money, cause I could probably buy one of those stuffed animals for less, haha.

Animal Planet
animals games
Image by MeoplesMagazine
You're looking at the new world leaders after the 1984 revolution: Pandas, Eagles, Frogs, Bears and Pigs. You may or may not be surprised to learn that, other than the species, nothing has changed.

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