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Stuffed Unicorn

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Stuffed Unicorn
stuff animals
Image by Bart Heird
Take a look at what a 0 stuffed animal looks like. (FAO Schwarz in Macy's Chicago)

rescued stuffed animal adoption application form
stuff animals
Image by me and the sysop
the words are a little blurry because it was wet.

My animals like to sleep on stuffed animals.
stuff animals
Image by iamos
After some initial enthusiasm, both cats had been ignoring the peppy orange terrycloth beds I made them. So I've been moving things around, to see if the cats are lured by location; hence this bed's being perched high on a stack of pillows and plush toys—which still elicited no interest from the young gentlemen.

Now, the furry bug at the top of the stack (IKEA Klappar Skalbagge) is normally Ampersand's special friend and lies on the seat of the couch, where he kneads it and sleeps on it, but I had moved it out of the way so I could, uh, sit down? The next time I walked into the room, Interrobang had commandeered bug and cat bed, leaving Ampersand to sit on the cold, hard couch without his friend. Cruel!

So, since then, I've been placing the bug in one cat bed and the big gray nonbug plushie (IKEA Spratt) in the other. Result: two occupied cat beds.

Cats: They're weird.

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