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Uroplatus guentheri

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Uroplatus guentheri
extinct animals
Image by bsmith4815
This is a very rare gecko from Madasgacar that some experts predict will be extinct in the wild within the next 5 years.

extinct animals
Image by elizabethdonoghue
To all my contacts:
I know I'm getting a bit behind with comments, and will get onto it over the weekend!
I almost never do photos like this! (This is for my rural Aussie friends as much as anything!)
But I couldn't resist. I was on a farm near the Cobaw ranges, for work, and these cows thought we were going to feed them. It was late afternoon, and time for some hay - as you can see, no feed left in the paddock. Apologies to my Socts friend for the harsh blue sky, but I tell you, rain has become extinct here!

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