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Nice Celebrity Juice photos

Some cool celebrity juice images:

Equinox - Smoked Salmon
celebrity juice
Image by roger4336
Smoked salmon in the Lido, set out for breakfast on Celebrity Equinox. This is the first place I went when I got breakfast. It was conveniently near the area where Janet and I usually sat, and the place for tea and orange juice. The smoked salmon was high quality - the best I have eaten at breakfast on cruises.

I at smoked salmon at each of 11 breakfasts on the cruise, and also at the special brunch and one evening when it was on the dinner menu at the dining room. On the day of the brunch, I passed up the opportunity to have it a third time (acually, gravlax) at dinner.

Apparently, some people like smoked salmon even more than I do. I saw one man take as much as the tongs would hold.

DJ Johnny Juice & Chuck D
celebrity juice
Image by Live at J&R

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