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Cool Free Animals images

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Animals In Prison--Kellie Hastings
free animals
Image by Creative illusions-Nature Photography-Kellie H
Imprisoning life behind the LIES of wire is against the Laws of Nature, the nature Laws of life itself.
Share this photo forward so the evil that ignores this or causes it can be brought down.

Sign Petition with Change.org to free animals from prison zoos and prison aquariums

Animals in fashion
free animals
Image by adriansalamandre


Collage on board 110 X 80 cm

No need to guess what the subject is about, but here are a few details for you to ponder over…
In the lower left foreground a leopard has stepped on a pressure pad that has triggered the camera!
The orang-utan in the corner is the local “Schindler” helping animals to escape the slaughter by the skin of their teeth (or tusks!)
The nearby gorilla is wiping a hankie across its face but in reality it’s sweating, not crying.
In the central foreground a supermodel is getting out of her depth in a catfight. She really is trying to hold an ocelot, but I have stuck all the others on her. A mountain lion is trying to have a drag on the man’s cigar; it’s an escapee from a tobacco testing laboratory set free by the Animal Liberation Front.
In the middle ground a quality control technician for polar bear rugs is about to get squished by Dumbo. The cavalry is here at last! To the right, a woman not happy enough wearing a polar bear coat has gone a step further in her quest to get closer to nature.
In the background on the right, a family on safari have paid 000 to kill this bull elephant because “We don’t want to see it starve to death” It would have cost them a lot less just to feed it instead. Perhaps they just don’t want to admit that they enjoy blowing the brains out of nature’s marvels. Say cheese!

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