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curruca cabecinegra -8 (sylvia melanocephala)

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curruca cabecinegra -8 (sylvia melanocephala)
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Photos of Wal-Mart ANIMAL CRUELTY
photo of animals
Image by Brave New Films
Dear Sir,

I have attached for you photos I took at a local Wal-Mart of how they sell their Betta fish. Please excuse the clarity but anyone can walk into a WM and take better photos, with a better camera. Also, I have attached photos of gutted whales, endangered whales, killed by a company that Wal-Mart owns most of the shares in.
I was horrified one day when I noticed the way my local Howell, NJ Wal-Mart keeps Betta Fighting Fish in TINY containers, the size that one might get potato salad in at a deli. Although it is true that male Betta Fish need to be kept separate from other MALE BETTAS, they certainly should not be kept in such small containers. I did research on this topic, even learning that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has a campaign against Wal-Mart for this reason. One can search the PETA web site to learn more about it. I realized that this is going on in just about EVERY Wal-Mart Store around the country.

According to the PETA web site, "Gaddy Bergmann of the Department of Biology at the University of South Florida states, "Even small fish . require at least 10 gallons for good water quality and normal activity... small volumes of water are less stable than larger ones and may physiologically challenge their occupants".

I contacted their corporate offices, as well as the managers of the Howell, NJ store, who have refused to change this practice, trying to impress upon me their "knowledge" (but really a lack therof) that these fish can survive in small containers. Included is a photo I took at the Wal-Mart in Howell NJ. You can see that they barely give the fish enough water to cover their backs. This is cruel. I ask everyone out there who disagrees with this practice to boycott at least their fish department, and contact their local store managers and corporate offices at H. Lee Scott Jr., CEO & President, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 702 S.W. Eighth St., Bentonville, AR 72716-8611, Tel.: 800-WAL-MART, until Wal-Mart stops this cruel practice.

I know some people might think, they are only fish, but they are living, breathing, beings, and if we are going to fish them out of the ocean and put them in a little bowl, cant we at least make the container larger than the size of a potato salad container?

Thank you

Bonnie Monaghan

Jackson, NJ

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Image by Vermin Inc
Behold the ultimate fate of Mankind - Extinction!

Can this intelligent primate change its ultimate destiny? or will Mankind become a fossil in some other creatures museum.

Interesting side note - All animals become extinct or evolve into something else. I doubt we will be the exception.

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