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Ivan, no longer the tallest or king of his territory!

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Ivan, no longer the tallest or king of his territory!
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Image by auntie rain
Ivan the Terrible, the world's goofiest giraffe, at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

My sweet Ivan has been supplanted! Since Ivan is getting on in age, and his DNA is SO well represented already in the captive giraffe population (you GO, studly!), the WAP has brought in a new TALLER (18' opposed to Ivan's 17.5') male giraffe and has let him loose with the ladies. Ivan is stuck in a much smaller area now with only a few other giraffes to keep him company. You must pay $ $ to ride "Journey Into Africa" to see him.

The Great White
wild animals
Image by Bill Gracey
This was taken at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which was known to local residents, in less marketing driven times, as the Wild Animal Park. When I think "Great White", a pelican is not what comes to mind. I can't recall seeing pictures of pelicans flying off with seals in their pouches, or surfers driven from the water by reports of pelican sightings. Nevertheless, a sign identified this bird as a Great White Pelican. Still, seeing this buffed out bird raising it's powerful wings like this, and I start to wonder if the rumors of rampant steroid use among pelicans are true . That would explain the tattoos and piercings. This might make the cover of Pelican Life Magazine. www.flickr.com/photos/9422878@N08/4307911676/#/photos/942...

Other pictures taken at Safari Park are here. www.flickr.com/photos/9422878@N08/sets/72157628351207247/...

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