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Lemur Flight

A few nice animals endangered images I found:

Lemur Flight
animals endangered
Image by Jon Pinder
This Lemur jumps into the Spider Monkey enclosure at South Lakes Animal Park, to then spend 20 minutes being played with/tortured by the monkeys before a keeper manages to rescue it.

Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation Masters
animals endangered
Image by NTU - Brackenhurst
Our new postgraduate degree in Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation is getting loads of interest from graduates who have studied animal, wildlife or veterinary undergraduate degrees.

If has great international links and offers an opportunity to get the technical skills and experience needed for full recovery planning.

Check out the course profile online.

Speke's Gazelle (Gazella spekei)
animals endangered
Image by warriorwoman531
Speke's Gazelle (Gazella spekei) is the smallest of the gazelle species. It is confined to the horn of Africa where it inhabits stony brush, grass steppes, and semi deserts.

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