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Nice Animals For Free photos

A few nice animals for free images I found:

Beautiful Boxer Dog Photograph
animals for free
Image by Digital Wallpapers
This is an image of a beautiful pedigree boxer dog caught on camera.

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Some of the crew at Animal Friends
animals for free
Image by SchultzLabs
We stopped in at Animal Friends (Camp Horne Rd, btw) to do a little window shopping. We've been sorta working up to getting a new dog for a year or so. Things were just way too busy last year. But, we're all go for the spring.... but I'm going to be out of town for a week coming soon, so we're waiting until I get back from that trip.

BUT ... THIS WEEKEND.... Feb 2 - 3...

Adopt-A-Thon Weekend

When a sister shelter in a neighboring county found that 35 loving, family-friendly, companion puppies and dogs were unclaimed and slated for euthanasia, they called Animal Friends for support and a second chance. Now, Animal Friends is bursting at the seams with rescued pets! Support Second Chances! Come to Adopt-A-Thon Weekend at Animal Friends on Saturday, Feb 2, Noon - 5pm and sunday, 10am-5pm.

Call 412-847-7002

It has been quite a few years since I got our last dog at Animal Friends. I didn't realize that they now have great deals on crates, etc... their whole adoption package!

Suggested donation 0 for puppies under 6 months, for older.

Go get 'em !


And of course... don't forget about Bunker, Ed, Alice, Coty, and Buttercup

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