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Nice Photo Of Animals photos

A few nice photo of animals images I found:

Brookfield Zoo IL - © Tail Feather Photos - Western Lowland Gorilla - Zoos & Captive Animal Photography Locations
photo of animals
Image by © Tail Feather Photos | www.tailfeatherphotos.com
One of the country's best zoos in my opinion. And, there are all types of photography challenges!

A great spot is where they house the primates. First lesson is camera acclimation. If you visit the zoo in winter and enter the high-humidity exhibit, your lens and camera body will need to acclimate. Don't just wipe the front of the lens and start shooting - it will just fog again and you'll have streaks.

If I don't intend on having my camera bag with me, I usually bring a small plastic bag and wrap it around the camera with the handles tied in a nice bow before I enter the building. I take one walk from end-to-end, turn around and trace my way back to the front entrance staying inside the building.

With traffic at the Orangutan exhibit your camera should be ready to go by the time you get back to the entrance. Remove the camera from the bag and start shooting.

Shooting info:

Nikon D90
Nikkor AF-S VR II 70.0-200.0 mm f/2.8 @ 280mm
ISO 2500 | EV 0 | f/4 @ 1/80

Animal Farm: Napolean Trading Card
photo of animals
Image by lynnemb
Created with fd's Flickr Toys. Pig image at www.flickr.com/photos/auvet/548830461/ from Pigs on Parade.

Summary: In this activity students studying Animal Farm create a trading card using images from Flickr and Trading Card Maker from bighugelab.com . In the description area of the card students will write a little rap about the character they have chosen

This lesson can be easily adapted for different grade levels and applied to many novels.

Understandings: Students are able to express key personality traits in a creative writing exercise and choose a representative photo.

Essential Questions: How do images reflect character traits?
How can we briefly express a key character attribute?

Performance Task: Students will describe the essential traits of a character from Animal Farm in a short 'rap'

Student will choose a photo to represent a character in line with that character's personality.

DO NOW: Write 2 phrases that describe a main character from Animal Farm.

1. Working in pairs, students choose a main character from Animal Farm to write a short rap about.

2. Students go to bighugelabs.com and select Trading Card activity.

3. In another browser window, students go to Flicker and locate a picture that exemplifies a main character from Animal Farm from the "Fiberglass Public Art on Parade." (no account is required)

3. Students copy and paste the URL of the picture into the "Choose a photo: URL" section of Trading Card Maker.

4. Students complete the Title with the Name of the Novel (Animal Farm) and the sub-title with the name of the character.

5. In the Description box, students write a short rap (6-8 lines) that fits into the available space about that character.

6. Students save the card to their class account if available (or send to their flicker account) and print it when finished

7. In their class blog, students write a paragraph describing how and why the chose that photo to represent the character.

Feeding Wild Animals
photo of animals
Image by Travis S.
She's trying to feed some sort of wild animal.

**While surveying out in Denali Park, miles from the nearest road, I found a 1GB memory card that still works. It seems to have wintered somewhere around the Stampede Trail along the Teklanika River.
If you have any idea who any of these people in these photos are, please let me know.
I've been trying to track down the owner.

Here is a link to the story of how I found the card, and a link to the conclusion of how I found the memory card's owner.

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